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The Secret to the Secret
Copyright 2007, Judith A. Swack, Ph.D.

Yes, the book and the movie the Secret (Rhonda Byrne, Atria Books) is right. The law of attraction that says you attract what you think is real. “Then why don’t I get what I ask for,” you might ask. It’s because you attract what you are consciously thinking, and you attract what you are unconsciously thinking. Since your unconscious mind has more power than your conscious mind, if the two aren’t in alignment, you attract what is in your unconscious mind.

I first learned about the law of attraction at the beginning of my training in the field of personal growth. The spiritually oriented trainer and therapist taught us that in order to manifest what you want you had to:

  • Decide clearly what you want,
  • ask for it out loud, and
  • heal your unconscious mind.

She also recommended that we not be too rigid about the form or way that our requests are answered because the universe can respond in many different and sometimes unexpected ways. “Be open to miracles,” she said.

Years later, when I developed Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™), an innovative and powerful mind/body/spirit healing methodology, I focused on the law of attraction. In addition to healing the unconscious mind, I discovered that you also need to heal at the body and soul levels. With HBLU, we start every session by asking the client’s deepest wisdom (soul) to set a goal. Then we find the patterns at the conscious, unconscious, body, and soul levels that are interfering with the goal and use effective healing techniques to clear these blocks to success.

Some of the most common issues we treat involve people having difficulty setting goals or deciding what they really want (heart’s desire). Others have trouble asking for what they need and want. Some people even have difficulty receiving what the universe sends them because they feel unworthy or selfish. By accessing one’s deepest wisdom, we can set clear goals, heal the unconscious self sabotage patterns, and manifest our desires.

Success Stories:

Jennifer was doing very well financially and her career was right on track. Now she wanted more than anything to get married. When she first came for HBLU sessions she was dating two emotionally unavailable men. One man used drugs and the other was in graduate school out of state. After six months of healing negative relationship patterns and installing representations of a truly healthy marriage in the unconscious mind, she broke up with both of them. Just two weeks later, a man sitting behind her in a business seminar tapped her on the shoulder and told her she looked just like the girl of his dreams, the woman he always intended to marry. They discovered that they had a lot in common including their interest in personal growth. They were married six months later and have continued to grow and evolve together.

Maryanne had an infected tooth. A month on antibiotics had had no effect. She was due to have dental surgery to remove the tooth root the day after our scheduled appointment. When we asked her deepest wisdom if the priority goal was to heal the tooth, it said that the real goal was to free Maryanne from her dysfunctional family. Her suicidal sister, who had required hospitalization on several occasions, denied that there was ever anything wrong with her and ran away after her last hospitalization. Her drug addicted brother stole money from her and also disappeared. She hadn’t heard from either of them in five years. We found and cleared the major dysfunctional family pattern that was interfering on the goal. The next morning, Maryanne’s tooth infection was gone, and the perplexed dentist told her he didn’t need to operate. That afternoon, her sister called and told Maryanne she was ready to go back to the hospital for treatment of depression. The very same day her brother called and asked to visit Maryanne so he could begin to repair their relationship.

Sarah and her husband wanted to have a baby. After 1½ years of trying, the doctor told them that Sarah’s tubes were completely blocked. The only way to get pregnant was through in vitro fertilization. Sarah couldn’t believe that there was any real medical reason for the blocked tubes, so she suspected psychological reasons. We discovered a trauma from a betrayal by a previous boyfriend that was preventing Sarah from making a full commitment to her marriage and caused her body to spasm her tubes shut. Two weeks after we cleared the trauma, she was pregnant… the normal way. One drugstore pregnancy test, two blood tests, and an ultrasound later, her obstetrician still didn’t believe Sarah was pregnant. “That’s impossible,” she exclaimed. “Using two different tests, I saw for a fact with my own eyes that your tubes were blocked.” When Sarah offered to find another obstetrician, the doctor regained her composure and eventually delivered Sarah’s baby… the normal way.

HBLU™ helps people rapidly achieve the results they want to live full, happy, healthy, and satisfying lives. Maybe it can help you, too.

Dr. Swack and her associates work with people in person or by phone. Healing from the Body Level Up, Inc. is located in Needham, MA. Call 781-444- 6940 to book an appointment, order a free information package, and order audio and videotapes.

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