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These techniques treat a variety of issues using a single technique.

HBLU™ uses a two stage approach in which the client’s deepest wisdom:

  1. identifies the pattern that is causing the problem from a large menu of patterns, the multi-layered structures of which have been carefully mapped
  2. identifies the best technique to treat the pattern from a menu of at least 10 different techniques (including but not limited to the ones listed above).

The treatment is thus very personalized to the individual, and because of this works where other methods have not.

If the client doesn’t muscle test in expected ways, rarely is it the fault of the practitioner. Rather, the client’s body is demonstrating that there is a physical issue that needs to be treated or a pattern that needs to be cleared. With HBLU I you will be able to identify and treat the patterns causing the problem with muscle testing resulting in accurate and reproducible communication with the unconscious mind, body, and soul.

Yes. HBLU™ I covers the most common problem that brings people for therapy, and that is trauma. In the HBLU™I training you will learn how to clear loss, violence and physical injury trauma. To be really proficient at something requires practice. You will get supervised practice during the training. After the training, you may want to practice with friends till you feel comfortable offering it to clients.

HBLU™ takes your healing work to the next level, even for those already trained in Energy Psychology methods. As part of her original research, Dr. Swack has spent many years mapping and developing protocols for treating complex damage patterns that you’ve never seen anywhere else.

In HBLU™ I alone, you will learn:

  • 5 common patterns that cause deception on muscle testing *
  • 4 patterns hidden deep within trauma structures

A brand new technique for installing boundaries and preventing burnout And much more!

My clients are accustomed to talk therapy. How do I get them to transition to HBLU?

Any therapeutic relationship requires trust. When your client trusts you, and you feel you have taken your client as far as you feel he/she/they can go with the current therapeutic modality you might suggest HBLU therapy as a new modality that you think would work better for their current issue. Explain it to them, and ask them if they are willing to try it. They usually agree.

Some colleagues actually muscle test the client in each session which method is best for that session, and alternate treatment methods.

In the upper level trainings you will learn to treat more and more complex patterns that are built from layers of the patterns in the lower level trainings.

Trauma: From HBLU level I loss and violence trauma we progress to more complex trauma including blocked memories (as in sexual violence) and autonomous (i.e. dissociated) parts in Neglect Trauma and Attempted Physical Murder.

Limiting Identities: You will learn to treat distortions in the ego identity using the Enneagram model of personality and treat addiction and chronic illness patterns.

System patterns: From Level I clearing the individual client we go to treating distorted interpersonal relationship patterns, dysfunctional family system patterns, and finally cultural and religious brainwashing patterns.

We’d be happy to do a training in your area if you can sponsor a group of 14 or more people.

The mind and the body form one unit. In fact neuroscientists have used brain scans to show that areas of a person’s brain show the same type of activity when a person is thinking about doing something as it does when the person is actually doing something. Mind Body healing (also known as Mind Body Therapy) is field of healing that uses specific techniques to quiet the mind and release negative emotions from the body or uses specific techniques to release negative emotions and other types of stress from and calm the body and simultaneously heal the mind.

The Mind Body Spirit approach adds Spiritual Healing which usually involves some form of prayer or meditation to connect with your own soul and with a Divine Source (i.e. God, Higher Power, etc.) of spiritual energy, support, and guidance to help you (or someone else) heal or to help you accomplish your goals.

HBLU™. is a synthesis of many different mind body healing techniques from biomedical science, psychology, applied kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Psychology, hypnosis, energy transmission techniques such as Reiki, prayer and other spiritual and shamanic techniques. Dr. Judith Swack, the originator of HBLU™. , studied and tested these techniques and also did original research on the types of damage patterns that sabotage and block people. The result is HBLU™. , a totally unique and comprehensive holistic psychotherapy system that helps people get unstuck and eliminate struggle, even when other therapies have failed, by clearing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks to success.

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