What is covered in the upper level trainings? - HBLU Training

In the upper level trainings you will learn to treat more and more complex patterns that are built from layers of the patterns in the lower level trainings.

Trauma: From HBLU level I loss and violence trauma we progress to more complex trauma including blocked memories (as in sexual violence) and autonomous (i.e. dissociated) parts in Neglect Trauma and Attempted Physical Murder.

Limiting Identities: You will learn to treat distortions in the ego identity using the Enneagram model of personality and treat addiction and chronic illness patterns.

System patterns: From Level I clearing the individual client we go to treating distorted interpersonal relationship patterns, dysfunctional family system patterns, and finally cultural and religious brainwashing patterns.

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These Training Seminars for Mental Health Care Professionals contain the protocols and techniques for clearing the most common and basic underlying patterns from life experience damage and the wounds of personality. All the higher level patterns are built on these components. The foundation level trainings are open to everyone (18 years and older) including mental healthcare therapists, healers, and lay people. Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™) is a unique mind body spirit methodology designed to identify your hidden self-sabotage patterns by tapping into the soul’s deepest wisdom through the mind body connection using muscle testing. With a question-and-answer format of yes/no answers, the body’s wisdom tells the story of the unconscious mind.

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