March 12-15, 2015 HBLU LEVEL I

9AM – 6PM in Needham MA

Training Seminars for Mental Healthcare Professionals

Continuing Education Courses. Learn How To Rapidly Transform And Heal Your Clients – and Yourself – By Becoming an HBLU™ Trained Therapist.

Dr. Swack conducts CE  training in HBLU™ methodology for mental healthcare professionals. Her techniques are reproducible and many social workers, mental health therapists and nurses have found their practices greatly enhanced by the inclusion.

Seminars for Mental Health Professionals

These Training Seminars for Mental Health Care Professionals contain the protocols and techniques for clearing the most common and basic underlying patterns from life experience damage and the wounds of personality. All the higher level patterns are built on these components. The foundation level trainings are open to everyone (18 years and older) including mental healthcare therapists, healers, and lay people.

Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™) is a unique mind body spirit methodology designed to identify your hidden self-sabotage patterns by tapping into the soul’s deepest wisdom through the mind body connection using muscle testing. With a question-and-answer format of yes/no answers, the body’s wisdom tells the story of the unconscious mind.

“Six weeks after taking the first HBLU™ training, my client load and income doubled without any different marketing effort on my part. I now have a waiting list. Instead of having a handful of breakthrough miracle sessions each year, I have that many each day.”

Healing from the Body Level Up™.

The Foundation Level trainings for Healing from the Body Level Up™ consist of 3 workshops; HBLU™ I, Limiting Identities, and NLP for HBLU™.

HBLU™ I: Healing Trauma and Installing Boundaries - This training is the gateway to the amazing world of HBLU™. Click here for full description.  UPCOMING TRAINING:  NOVEMBER 6-9, 2014 in NEEDHAM MA

Limiting Identities and Essence ProcessClick here for full description.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practioner Training  for HBLU™ - Click here for full description.

The Professional Level trainings consist of 3 CEU educational workshops, HBLU™ II, HBLU™ III, and HBLU™ IV.These CEU education courses are open to healing professionals including social workers, counselors, psychologists, doctors, nurses, educators, naturopaths, etc. who have completed the three foundation level courses. Completion of these courses leads to certification in HBLU™.

HBLU™ II: Healing Blocked Memories, Past Life and Ancestral Trauma, Depression, and Supernatural Interference - Click here for full description.

HBLU™ III: Healing Damaged Patterns of Relationship - Click here for full description.

HBLU™ IV: Healing Dysfunctional Family System and Cultural Brainwashing Patterns- Click here for full description.

HBLU™, combining the best of science and spirituality, has been used effectively as a  post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) treatment, phobia treatment, in the treatment of fibromyalgia and for chronic pain relief. HBLU™ has also been found to help with learning disabilities, the treatment of addictions, depression and all forms of trauma healing.

Its roots in energy psychology, HBLU™ then accesses a menu of mind body spirit healing therapies and techniques to find the one that will eliminate these patterns one by one from the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels simultaneously. Exceptional results are often achieved in a relatively short time even when other methods have failed. Once these patterns are identified and eliminated, a sense of wellbeing is immediately restored and there is deep healing on all levels.

A scientist, teacher, healer and visionary, Dr.Judith Swack has synthesized biomedical research with research from non-medical systems since 1981. The results are an innovative and powerful methodology with transformative results. Dr. Swack has additional formal training and certification in NLP as a Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy and Systematic Applied Kinesiology. She has published and been cited in professional journals and speaks regularly at international conferences.


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Healing from the Body Level Up™, Inc., 56 Pickering St., Needham, MA 02492. or call HBLU™, Inc. 781-444-6940 or 800-310-6549, from 9AM EST to 5 PM EST to register in person.

For any questions about the continuing education mental health professionals training seminars or how to register for them, please call our office at 781-444-6940 or 800-310-6549, or e-mail us at

Please note that instructors and prices vary by date and location.